How to teach shape?- Shape cards (free electronic material)


Free electronic learning material: Shape cards – 3 pages

How to get the pdf file for free? 
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How to use the shape cards?

1. Print it out using thick paper (180 gsm or above)
2. Fold the cards.

3. Use the shape sides first. Ask your child to observe the properties of the shapes, for example, circle has one side only with corner.

4. Use the test sides. Choose simple shapes, such as circle and square. Teach your child the common concepts, such as sides, equal, parallel and etc.

5. When you child understand those concepts. Give him/her the cards of more complicated shapes. Ask your child to read aloud the text and analyse what shape it is base on the properties shown on the text.

6. When you child understand all shapes and the properties. Play the card game: parent picks a card and read aloud the text; child analyses what shape it is.