About 關於我們

Learn Better Education 學好一點

Learn Better Education is co-founded by one experience educator and one designer. We believe parents are the best teachers. Parents know their children’s needs and emotions the best. Hence, through designing home-based learning materials, we hope children can learn better at home with the support of parents.

Founder 創辦者

Miss Duscha, an experienced educator, who likes drawing and exploring pedagogies. Miss Duscha hopes to design good learning materials with her educational beliefs and creative ideas so that children can learn happily and meaningfully.

Miss Duscha,一位資深的教育工作者,喜愛繪畫及鑽研不同的教學方法,並希望將自己的教學理念及創意無窮的想法融合,設計更好的教材,使更多孩子能夠學得更開心及明白學習的意義。

Consultant 顧問

Sarah, a product designer, who likes involving into different kinds of projects. Sarah appreciates the educational beliefs of Miss Duscha. Sarah is determined to help Miss Duscha design good learning materials using her design skills.

Sarah,一位產品設計師,喜歡參與不同類型的projects。Sarah 十分欣賞Miss Duscha 在教育上的想法,決心利用設計上的經驗,協助Miss Duscha 製作更好的教材。