Why we should learn A for apple- Alphabet card (electronic material) 學習A for apple是有原因的-字母表 (電子教材)


There are a lot of free alphabet cards online, but the design cannot help children learn A to Z and its corresponding vocabulary. Some parents may prefer to buy alphabet card with difficult vocabulary, such as A for astronaut, but there should be a reason why teachers/ educators prefer to teach A for apple. First, the pronunciation of apple is much easier than astronaut so that children can remember the word. Second, children can easily find an apple in daily life so that children can link the pronunciation with the object. A solid foundation is very important in learning English. Therefore, we design an alphabet card with suitable vocabulary for children from 3-6.
坊間有很多免費字母表,但其設計並未能協助孩子學習A-Z及其詞語。部分家長會買一些很難的字母表,例如A for astronaut,但在教育學的角度上,A for apple 是有原因的。 Apple 的發音除了比較簡單外,它亦是日常生活容易找到的物品,這對孩子來說是更容易牢記。因此,我們設計了專為3-6歲孩子的字母表。

Learning material: Alphabet Card (electronic material)
教材名稱:字母表 (電子教材)

1 page pdf
1頁 pdf

Price: 8 USD (Please scroll down to the bottom page to finish payment.)
價錢:8 USD (請拉到下頁付款)

Teaching procedures:
-Step 1: Learn from A to Z
Suggested websites:
1. Alphabet song (youtube)
2. Writing A to Z (recommended!)


-Step 2: Learn the vocabulary with real objects in daily life
Suggested activities:
1. Match alphabets with the real objects in daily life using the alphabet card
2. Teach the pronunciation of the alphabets and objects
3. Show the objects to children more frequently in daily life and ask what the objects are
4. Ask your children to take the objects for you, for example, bring me an apple

-第一步:學習 A-Z
1. 唱字母歌 (youtube)
2. 學習摹寫A -Z (非常好用的網站)

1. 準備字母表的相應物品/圖片,並叫孩子將物品/圖片與相應的字母配對
2. 教孩子字母及物件的發音
3. 父母刻意地將物件重覆在孩子眼中,並問孩子這是甚麼
4. 刻意著孩子拿該些物件給父母,例如,拿一個蘋果給我

Alphabet card 1 page pdf (electronic material) 字母表 1頁 pdf (電子教材)

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Why do we sell this product in this price?
We put a lot of effort to design the alphabet card to attract children. Moreover, we put a lot of time to think the learning methods so that children can learn alphabets and its corresponding vocabulary easily.