Developing children’s creativity- DIY house (download free electronic material) 發揮孩子創意- DIY 小屋 (免費電子教材下載)


Learning material: DIY house
教材名稱:DIY 小屋

Free electronic material provided: house pdf- 1 page
免費電子教材提供:小屋pdf – 1頁
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What parents need to do:
-Encourage your child
-Praise your child for whatever he/she makes (This is creativity!)
-Encourage your child to explain his/ her work!
-無論孩子做了甚麼類型的小屋,也要讚賞 (這是創意!)

Why we design this: We do not need to waste money to develop children’s creativity. DIY house aims at unleashing children’s creativity. We hope your child can make a good use of materials in daily life to make a DIY house. The video we provide above is just one of the solutions. We believe your child can make a more creative house with parent’s support. For young child, we suggest you to play the video first, and let your child find corresponding materials at home. Then, please support your child to create their own house. For elder child, we suggest you to print out the electronic material first. Then, discuss with your child and let them select materials to design the house.
設計概念:要讓孩子發揮創意,並不需要很多金錢。DIY 小屋的教材是要考考孩子的創造力,看看孩子如何利用日常生活中的物料,製作一間DIY小屋。上面的video 只是我們其中一種建議的做法。針對年紀較小的孩子,可以先播放片段,然後讓孩子從家中找出相應物料,再自行創作。針對年紀較大的孩子,建議家長先印下面電子教材,然後與孩子共同討論,讓孩子自行創作他們心目中的DIY小屋。

Educational beliefs/theories: please don’t think creativity is not practical. A lot of teachers refer to Bloom’s Taxonomy to write lesson plan. From Bloom’s Taxonomy, you can see that creativity is the most difficult level to achieve, which is far beyond analysis and evaluation. Creativity indeed happens after one analyse and evaluate the situation. Based on their own analysis and evaluation, they can create something which are new and original.
背後的教育理念:請你不要認為創意是不切實際的東西。在教育界,每當老師撰寫教計時,都會使用Bloom’s Taxonomy。由Bloom’s Taxonomy,我們可以知道創造力是難度最高的層次,遠超於分析及評價能力。創意是經過分析及評估,從而創新。因此,請家長不要定型於常規,孩子的創新在某個程度上,是經過自我內在分析及評價,所作出的一個決定。

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