Visual strategy to reinforce children’s good behaviours- Reward Tank (delivery paper materials) 利用視覺策略去推動孩子的正向行為-獎勵海洋缸 (郵遞實體硬紙教材)


Reward tank is a visual aid tool. It aims to motivate children from 6-12 building good behaviours.

How to use it: You can first talk with your child and set one good behaviour as a goal. Every night, evaluate the performance with your child. If your child can do it, let him/her select one ocean sticker he/she likes and let him/her design the reward tank. The reward tank sticking on the wall can motivate your child building a good behaviour. If you child can accumulate a certain number of stickers, he/she can get a small reward, for example, a pen. Please talk with your child the gift he/she wants.

A reward tank with 15 ocean stickers (can choose either laminated card or paper in 220gsm)

Price: 25 USD (Please scroll down to the bottom page to finish payment.)
價錢:25 USD (請拉到下頁付款)

This learning material can be used repeatedly.

Set one good behaviour as a goal each time. When your child can do it well, remove all stickers. Then, start another reward scheme.

Reward Tank (delivery paper materials) 獎勵海洋缸 (郵遞實體硬紙教材)

After you order the product, we will send you an email for confirmation within 1-2 days and get the name of your child.For delivery paper materials, we will start printing the products after receiving the order. Then, we will arrangement the delivery. The delivery date is depended on the delivery distance. For Hong Kong, you will take 14 days to receive the product. For Asia, you will take 21 days to receive the product. For other areas, it may take 1 month. 我們收到訂單後,會於1-2日內以電郵的方式聯絡家長,並索取孩子名稱。針對實體硬紙教材,由於我們在收到訂單後才會開始印製教材,並安排寄送,所以時間較久。香港地區會於14天內;亞洲地區會於21天內;其他地區會於1個月內。


Why do we sell in this price?
We put a lot of time and effort to design the reward tank.