Improving emotion expression and problem solving- Emotion and solution cards (delivery paper materials) (girl version) 改善孩子情緒表達及解難能力- 情緒及解難卡 (郵遞實體硬紙教材) (女孩子版)


Emotion and solution cards are especially designed for children from 5-8. Some children are not good at expressing emotions and feelings. They may also not good at recognising others’ emotions and feelings. There are two consequences: 1. Children feels angry or sad, but they can’t express verbally. Parents don’t know the reasons behind so they cannot provide solutions for children. 2. Parents sometimes express feelings and emotions to children, for example, showing anger to children’s misbehaviours. But, children cannot understand parents’ emotion so that they cannot do what parents want. There are two reasons behind. First, children are not good at recognising emotions and feelings. Second, children cannot find solutions so they use negative emotions to express themselves. Hence, we design emotion and solution cards. It is a visual aid tool that help children express emotions. When parents know the real emotions of children, they can communicate together to find out solutions.

情緒及解難卡專為5-8歲孩子而設。有些孩子不擅於表達自己情感,亦都不擅於了解其他人的情感。這時候,就會出現以下情況:1. 孩子有時候生氣、傷心,但孩子無法用言語表達,家長亦無法了解背後原因及幫助孩子; 2. 家長向孩子表達自己的情感,例如對孩子的行為表達情感,但孩子無法理解,不能達到家長要求。背後的原因有二:孩子對於情感的辨識較弱;孩子未能找到有效的方法,故用負面的情感表達。因此,我們設計了情緒及解難卡,目的是要透過圖像輔助,使孩子能夠表達情感,讓父母和孩子能夠共同尋找解決方法,改善溝通。

Learning material: Emotion and solution cards (paper materials)
教材名稱:情緒及解難卡 (實體硬紙教材 )

-8 emotion cards
-18 solution cards
-6 white cards (spare cards)
-1 pink emotion and solution card (for sticking emotion and solution cards)
All are laminated.

-6張白卡 (供家長設計)
-1張粉紅色情解及解難卡 (貼情解及解難卡之用)

Price: 100 USD (Please scroll down to the bottom page to finish payment.)
價錢:100 USD (請拉到下頁付款)


How to use emotion and solution cards?

Step one: Teach you child different emotions, including sick, angry, sad, happy, bored, surprised, scared and very sad

Step two: Teach your child different solutions in different emotion states, such as take a rest, take a breath, calm down and etc.

Step three: When your child is familiar with the emotion and solution cards, you can start using it. There are two methods:
A. Every night before your child goes to bed, ask your child to express his/her feeling. See what solution he/she made and see whether it is suitable.
B. When your child has negative emotion, ask him/her to calm down. After that, ask your child to express his/her emotion and the reason behind. Then, discuss how to solve the problem.

Emotion and solution cards (delivery paper materials) (girl version) 情緒及解難卡 (郵遞實體硬紙教材) (女孩子版)

After you order the product, we will send you an email for confirmation within 1-2 days and get the name of your child.For delivery paper materials, we will start printing the products after receiving the order. Then, we will arrangement the delivery. The delivery date is depended on the delivery distance. For Hong Kong, you will take 14 days to receive the product. For Asia, you will take 21 days to receive the product. For other areas, it may take 1 month. 我們收到訂單後,會於1-2日內以電郵的方式聯絡家長,並索取孩子名稱。針對實體硬紙教材,由於我們在收到訂單後才會開始印製教材,並安排寄送,所以時間較久。香港地區會於14天內;亞洲地區會於21天內;其他地區會於1個月內。


Why do we sell in this price?
We design the cartoons ourselves. Moreover, we put a lot of effort and time to do research. We believe we design a product which can help children express themselves.

This is our manufacturing process: