Encouragement is the biggest motivation for children- Personalised encouragement cards (delivery paper materials) (teenager version) 鼓勵是孩子成長最大的動力-個人化鼓勵卡(郵遞實體硬紙教材) (青少年版)


Every child likes encouragement and support from parents. You may no need to say it out, but you can let them know in another way. Personalised encouragement cards are especially designed for parents to express love and support to children. Each card is personalised with your child’s name. Good quotes on the cards are more valuable then any other tangible gifts because you show your care to your child.

16 cards with child’s name (can choose either stickers/ laminated cards/ cards in 220gsm)
16 張有孩子名字的鼓勵卡(可選擇貼紙/過膠卡/220gsm的硬卡紙)

Price: 25 USD (Please scroll down to the bottom page to finish payment.)
價錢:25 USD (請拉到下頁付款)

How to use it: give the cards with suitable quotes to your child when he/she faces difficulties/ needs support and encouragement.

Educational beliefs/theories:
Pygmalion effect

Pygmalion effect is about one’s belief influences his/her own action, and his/her own action will impact on another’s belief and action. Let me take an example. When a mother has a belief to support her child, she will transform her belief into action, for example, praising her child, giving her encouragement cards and etc. Your action to your child will give him/her a great impact. When he/she receives your action, he/she will become more encouraged. He/She will become more positive to overcome his/her difficulty in life.



Personalised encouragement cards (delivery paper materials) (teenager version) 個人化鼓勵卡(郵遞實體硬紙教材) (青少年版)

After you order the product, we will send you an email for confirmation within 1-2 days and get the name of your child.For delivery paper materials, we will start printing the products after receiving the order. Then, we will arrangement the delivery. The delivery date is depended on the delivery distance. For Hong Kong, you will take 14 days to receive the product. For Asia, you will take 21 days to receive the product. For other areas, it may take 1 month. 我們收到訂單後,會於1-2日內以電郵的方式聯絡家長,並索取孩子名稱。針對實體硬紙教材,由於我們在收到訂單後才會開始印製教材,並安排寄送,所以時間較久。香港地區會於14天內;亞洲地區會於21天內;其他地區會於1個月內。


Why do we sell in this price? We put a lot of effort to design the encouragement card. Moreover, the product is personalised.

This is our manufacturing process: