Building good habits- Routine planner/ Monthly performance chart (electronic materials) 建立孩子好習慣-時間規劃表/每月表現檢視表 (電子教材)


Routine planner and monthly performance chart are especially designed for children who are from 6 to 12. The materials aim at building children’s good habits. A lot of children cannot finish their tasks on time, such as doing homework, going bed by themselves and etc. These may lead to arguments between children and parents. Once children build bad habits, it is even more difficult to change them. We must first ask a question: why do children not follow the daily routine? First, children do not have good time management as adults. Routine planner is a visualised tool that can help children develop time management skill. Second, same as adults may not like going work, children also have some tasks that they don’t like to do, for example, doing homework. We have to teach our children: we have to accept the things we like and we dislike in daily life. Of course, parents can do something to motivate children, for example, praising children, giving rewards (if children can do the tasks in a certain period of times). That’s why we also design monthly performance chart.

Learning material: Routine planner/ Monthly performance chart (electronic materials or paper materials)
教材名稱:時間規劃表/每月表現檢視表 (電子教材 )

4 page pdf
4 頁 pdf

Price: 15 USD (Please scroll down to the bottom page to finish payment.)
價錢:15 USD (請拉到下頁付款)

How to use routine planner and monthly performance chart?
Please print out 4 page document after you download the pdf file. We suggest you to use 180gsm (or above) white paper to print out the document. And then use a plastic film to clip the routine planner and monthly performance chart. We also suggest you to use water pens so that you can use it again.

如何使用時間規劃表及每月表現檢視表 ?
下載pdf以後,請列印出4頁文件。為了環保起見,建議用180gsm以上 白紙列印(較厚),並用膠片套住時間規劃表及每月表現檢視表,並用可擦水筆,這樣就能重覆使用。

Routine planner
Please talk with your child when you first start using routine planner. Discuss with your child for the tasks from Monday to Friday. When you plan the tasks, there are several tips:
-most of the tasks from Monday to Friday should be regular and fixed with time, such as doing homework and watching TV
-some tasks can be different everyday, such as drawing on Monday and dancing on Tuesday to increase your child’s flexibility
-must have tasks that you child likes and dislikes
-ask your child to stick the tick and cross stickers (please use 180gsm white paper (or above) to print out stickers and use blue tape)
-discuss with your child how many ticks can get excellent!, keep it up! and not good!
-please don’t give not good! as possible. Encourage your child more!

-著孩子貼tick (剔) 及cross(交叉) (請用180gsm 以上 白紙列印第四頁貼紙,並用bluestick 貼,以循環再用)
-與孩子協商多少個tick (剔) 才能獲得excellent! (表現好!) 、keep it up! (繼續努力!)、not good! (不好!)
-父母盡量不要給 not good! (不好!),盡量以鼓勵性質推動孩子建立好習慣

Monthly performance chart
After using routine planner every day, your child will count the numbers of tick and he/she will knows how his/her performance is: excellent!, keep it up! and not good!.

-Ask your child to stick the stickers each day. (please use 180gsm white paper (or above) to print out stickers and use blue tape)
-please make good use of the time when your child sticks the sticker every day. Encourage your child to build good habits!
-Discuss with your child how many excellent stickers are needed for a reward. The reward is not necessarily materialistic. It can be you do something with your child, such as going to museum together. Let your child make the decision.
-At the end of each month, count the numbers of excellent! sticker and also have evaluation of the performance with your child.


每天完成使用時間規劃表,孩子會知道自己當天的表現,例如excellent! (表現好!) 、keep it up! (繼續努力!)、not good! (不好!)。

-著孩子貼excellent! (表現好!) 、keep it up! (繼續努力!)、not good! (不好!) (請用180gsm以上 白紙列印第三頁貼紙,並用bluestick 貼,以循環再用)
-於每個月與孩子協商,若能夠獲得多少數量的excellent! (表現好!)貼紙,就能獲得獎勵。切記,獎勵不一定是物質的,如玩具,有時候可以是陪伴,例如父母帶孩子到博物館,與孩子商討,不要由父母決定。
-每月結束日,讓孩子數excellent! (表現好!)貼紙的數量,並與孩子認真檢討做得好的地方。

Routine planner/ Monthly performance chart 4 page pdf (electronic materials) 時間規劃表/每月表現檢視表 4 頁 pdf (電子教材)

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Why do we sell in this price?
We put a lot of effort to design the routine planner/ monthly performance chart. Moreover, we put a lot of time to think how children can build good habits.